Slaters present the SUPER LO:LOSS transformer

The Slaters Group is looking to the future of a greener energy sector, as the skilled engineering firm presents its latest product; the Slaters SUPER LO:LOSS Transformer – an energy efficient distribution transformer.

The product decreases electrical losses significantly, which is a key step to reducing any company’s carbon footprint and promises to help firms tackle the ever increasing pressure to meet climate and energy targets.

The Slaters SUPER LO:LOSS transformer can be designed and manufactured to meet the specific needs of the customer. The SUPER LO:LOSS range combines technologically advanced core material with low loss conductors, decreasing both No load (Iron losses) and Load (copper loss) losses. This in turn means that a lower total cost of ownership, improvement in energy efficiency and a reduced environmental impact can now be achieved at source.

Although SUPER LO:LOSS transformers typically require a higher initial investment, this is more than compensated for by the reduction in ongoing running costs due to the lower combined losses. Typically in two to three years, the upfront extra investment will be recovered then giving customers a financial gain from the reduced energy costs thereafter. If existing transformers with higher loss levels are replaced, this saving can become even greater.

Based on an average 25 year lifespan, a 1000 kVA Slaters SUPER LO: LOSS transformer typically saves £65,000 worth of energy savings in loss savings alone; in addition it would typically lower CO2 emissions by an average 18 tons per annum.

Slaters Electricals director Fiona Slater said, “The Government’s green agenda has been an area in which our power engineering business has seen many product developments, and the SUPER LO:LOSS Transformer is at the forefront of advanced transformer core technology.

“Being a fourth generation family business, the past few years has presented the firm with a number of challenges regarding the recession, however it has also brought with it a boom within our green energy services like the SUPER LO:LOSS Transformers and our voltage optimisation, stabilisation and energy enhancement products.”

Slaters Group has evolved into 3 complementary companies: Slaters Electricals Ltd: the original electrical engineering firm which specialises in re-engineered and new transformers, LV and MV switchgear, MEC Electrical Contractors Ltd: specialists in MV and LV installation and Optipro Ltd: experts in power quality and voltage management.

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